4W 40mm Indicator and red sidelight with bayonet -529-

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Amber and red  LED board for various vehicles

40mm diameter plug-in version.

12V negative earth

12 Volt Indicator and sidelight module

Aluminium circuit board

4 x 1 Watt Amber LEDs for Indicator

1 red LED for sidelight

Complete with plug in bayonet to fit existing lampholders

Adjustable mounting

Reacts faster than an incandescent bulb.

Brighter than a traditional Bulb

dipped in conformal coating for environmental protection

2 transistor current control circuit.

side light draws 100 mA at 12V or less than 1 Watt, reducing the load on charging systems (compared to a 5W traditional bulb)

Indicatordraws 260mA at 12V or less than 4 Watts, considerably less than the 21W of a conventional bulb

Main disc is 40mm,

this item plugs into existing lampholder

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