500 Ohm Potentiometer

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500 Ohm Variable Resistor

As supplied with the Guage Wizard

As used to decrease tachometer needle movement ( moving coil meters only)

500 Ohm variable resistor,

20+ turns from end to end

used as an adjuster for tachometers (in series or parallel with movement)

used to transfer values for our gauge wizard.


As suppilied in the Gauge Wizard Kit, this resistor can be set to one of the values of the sender measured during set up, and used as a simulated input for the wizard to set the calibration.


A second use is to reduce the movement of a tachometer needle, for example using a 4 cylinder tachometer for an 8-cylinder engine.

It only works with moving coil type movements, but in most cases connecting in series with the movin coil will allow you to reduce the deflection of the needle at any particular rpm.

If series does not work, try in parallel with the movement  ( there are two types of tachometercircuit)


For both applications, the multi-turn gives fine adjustment.


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