LED board for 550 Spyder lamp RED AMBER through red lens suits Original and Kit Cars Per pair

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Red / Amber Stop, Tail and Indicator LED board

fits 550 Spyder lamp

Shines Amber through Red lens,  12V  negative earth



  • 12V negative earth Indicator and stop / tail
  • 8 x 1.0 Watt Amber LED for Indicator
  • 5 x 1.0 Watt Red LED for Stop / Tail
  • Stop lamps under driven for tail light
  • This board shows Amber indicator through Red lens
  • (indicator is amber round the outside edge, stop and tail in the middle of the lens)
  • Aluminium circuit board for heat dissipation
  • Reacts faster than an incandescent bulb. (LEDs reach full brightness almost instantaneously, Incandescent bulbs can take 1/5 second)

 Fits standard and repro lamp unit, but does not require the original lampholder

Fits into original lens and trim and will require some dismantling of the original lamp, Uses period style cable

DOES NOT INCLUDE LAMP UNIT / LENS or SEAL, price is for two boards

these units use special Amber LEDs more than twice the brightness of our other rear lamps to show a good amber through the red lens. They work well with all but the darkest of red lenses. Excellent results are obtained with the modern repro lenses.

The units are built onto aluminium circuit boards to dissipate the extra heat generated by all those LEDs!

Fitting LED lights will affect the flash speed of older bimetal flasher relays. Optional extras on this listing are hybrid flasher relays to correct this problem. They will flash at the correct speed with any combination of bulbs and LEDs. A hybrid flasher with built in buzzer is available also. OEM Flashers are two pin, the Hybrid flasher is three pin, requiring an Earth (ground) connection. For your convenience, we offer a black lead with suitable connectors as an optional extra.


*  notes,

we do not expect the LEDs to fail, but it would be stupid to ignore the possibility so we are making a set of two of each colour available to put in a drawer and forget.

The 550s werte built exclusively for the US market and featured an all red tail lamp, direction indication was by flashing the appropriate brake light. This module retains the stop tyail function but adds a ring of special LEDs around the edge to give a powerful amber indicator function.

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