Epson C8600 Aculaser Lift Motor Pinion Replacement E833 Error

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Brass pinion replcement for Epson C8600 Aculaser Lift motor

Fixes E833 Error

This Listing is for a replacement pinion
The original is a Nylon material, this replacement is Brass
The original pinion is very thin and prone to cracking
This replacement is much more substantial and should last considerably longer.
It has been accurately sized to be a perfect press fit on the motor shaft !
    (Note, the brass pinion is slightly noisier)

How to tell if you need a new pinion

  1. Error message E833
  2. Inspect the lift motor
  • Remove the manual feed tray marked C on the printer  (There are two black screws that hold the whole tray in if you need to remove it, but it is not necessary)
  • undo the three screws  that hold the Lift Motor gear train in place
  • Inspect the small gear 

If the gear shows a black line in the bottom of the furrow between the teeth, it is cracked and needs replacing

  • If you cannot see a crack, turn the gear that meshes with the small gear
  • feel for tight spots as you turn it (almost a jam)

If there is a tight spot every time the small gear turns once, it is cracked and needs replacing


Replacement needs a small press or a small bench vice to keep the parts in line

Instructions are included

If you do not have these or are not confident in changing the pinion, I will fit it to the motor for you. Contact me for details

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