Gauge Wizard (Gas Gauge, Temperature gauge) petrol, diesel, lpg etc. MK4

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  • NEW Version (Aug 2019) Firmware 4.8
  • Gauge Wizard  (Gas Gauge, temperature Gauge, Charge state)
  • Matches senders to gauges, even reversed ones!
  • Works on most senders and gauges ( can read 0-5V with one track cut)
  • Can compensate for reverse gauge, reading low, reading high,
  • adjustable Anti-Slosh and two stage Low Fuel
  • 0-5V output for calibrating when not used with a gauge. ( Firmware 4.5 up only)

More information (including videos) about the gauge wizard here

Installation guide.pdf (2.4 MB )

Note, Due to the shortage of PIC chips, we have had to buy in some stock at a higher price than normal and therefore the price is adjusted accordingly. There are no chips currently available until September 2022, therefore at some point we will be unable to build and will run out of stock.

This electronic circuit is our own design.

  • It allows virtually any resistive sender to work with virtually any Gauge. (petrol, diesel, lpg, water etc.)
  • By cutting one pc track, the wizard can read 0-5V instead of a resistive sender for example for showing state of charge of an EV on a traditional gauge.
  • It requires a +12 Volts supply  (negative earth)
  • With 5 calibration points, it can cope with non linear senders and gauges as well as oddly shaped tanks
  • Adjustable Anti-Slosh (responds slowly to input changes )
  • Two stage (steady and flash) fully adjustable low fuel warning (or high temperature etc.)  light output capable of driving standard bulbs or LEDs

This wizard can be calibrated for sensors and guages between 0 and 1000 Ohms, and any variation in between, including reverse reading.

Calibration is by push button selection of menu items (detailed in the instructions)

 This wizard does everything the MK2 and 3 wizards did, but is does it better, and it does a whole lot more too !

This product has been found to NOT work with "Stack" fuel gauges

As well as the traditional ways of calibrating the module, there are now pre-programmed sender profiles ( 5 calibration points, only two shown in the table)


NOTE, FOR 24 VOLT USERS ONLY the Wizard requires a 12v Supply but can drive gauges that are running on a 24V supply.

This requires a 12V Voltage stabiliser to be fitted to the power line before the wizard.

add a stabiliser to your order ( below) with the stabiliser option 24V in and 12V out,

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