Fuel Sender Damper Damping Module for Digital Dash (inc AIM)

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  • Fuel Sender Damping Module
  • Slow response means steady indication
  • operates optional included LED low fuel warning light
  • small (31 x 13 x 15mm) circuit board

More information about fuel gauges here

Installation guide.pdf (182 Kb)

Fuel Sender Damping Module for Digital Dash (inc AIM) (Screw Terminal)

Damps the signal from a fuel gauge sender for Digital Dashes and Gauges that have an undamped analogue input.

This includes the AIM MXL and AIM MSX amongst others  (contact us for suitability for other applications)

  • Very small size (31 x 13 x 15mm) means it will fit INSIDE most  Instrument panels.
  • Included but optional Low Fuel LED
  • LED Switch point fully adjustable.
  • Includes Water Clear  3mm RED LED and mounting bezel.
  • Works with senders that have a high resistance when empty
  • Works with senders that have a low resistance when empty.

tested with senders from 0 - 60 Ohms up to 0 - 500 Ohms
tested with senders from 60 - 0 Ohms up to 500 - 0 Ohms.

  • The module has four main connections, Power, ground, sensor and output.
  • The extra fifth connection id for the low fuel LED

 The module has a circuit that we call "electronic anti-slosh" that makes it respond very slowly to changes in the sender signal.
this means it ignores the changes due to fuel sloshing in the tank or short hills etc and the Electronic Fuel gauge will show a steady reading

Adjustment is by turning the small adjusting screw on the high quality 25 turn trimmer

Full instructions included
provided with heat shrink to protect the module after calibration

four (+1) connections,  +5V, Ground, Sender, Out   (LED)

every unit hand built, and tested by us!

for the technically minded, all except the 25 turn potentiometer are surface mount components
the capacitors are not electrolytics that have a limited lifetime, but multi-layer ceramic caps that will outlast the car !
This unit is the latest in a long line of fuel modules we have designed and it incorporates everything we have learned.

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