Hella Empi Wipac Dual function LED lamp board

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  • Requires OEM or pattern lamp. (both available from eBay)
  • Brighter than original
  • Sold singly
  • Only the LED  board is supplied, the lamp unit and lens are specifically NOT supplied
  • 200mm bare ended leads
  • Reversing light and Indicator combination
  • Reversing light and stop/tail/fog combination
  • Indicator and stop/tail/fog combination


This LED light unit is unique to us.

The board fits Hella 111941371 lens, Empi 98-9624-B the Wipac 23/01 and Wipac S 210 as well as others

The circuit board is now 1.6mm aluminium for heat dissipation.

LEDs are 1 watt each, and in groups of 4 drawing less power than the original bulbs yet at 4W per colour, they are brighter than the equivalent 21 watt bulb.

The other components on the boards are for current control to keep the current running through the LEDs to less than 80% of the reccomended maximum, prolonging the life of the lamps.

The completed board is dipped in conformal coating for environmental protection.

Earthing is through the  earthing cable  included

 Very low profile on the back means minimum panel cut-out in new panels.

 We also make suitable seals for the lens to back and back to body, ( link to follow)

We were asked to build a version of these for a well known parts supplier, but realised that with a bit of adaptation, they would fit a whole cariety of lamp units, from the reversing lights on the back of a T1 T2 camper to the reversing light on the back of an Aston Martin.

The dual colour allows the reversing lights to double up as amber indicators on vehicles with all red rear lights.

It also allows a reversing light to be used as a Fog Light.

or a combination of the two, so nearside reversing light and indicator, offside fog light and indicator.

There is even a version with stop tail and indicator combined. !

Note, when designing the boards we have tried a variety of housings and lenses, If you find that on your particular lamp unit you have to modify the board in any way, please let us know so that we can incorporate the change into our standard model, They are a new product and we don't get it 100% right right 100% of the time ! Having said that, these ;lamps use the same circuit as out tried and tested individual, Cobra and Caterham style lamps.

Examples of some of the lamps these boards will fit  ( not an exhaustive list )

VW T2 Split 1966–1967
VW T2 Bay 1967–1971

HELLA  111941371 lens

Just Kampers J38064

Empi 98-9624-B

WIPAC 23/01


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