Solid State instrument voltage stabilizer kit

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New Solid State Voltage Stabilizer with flyleads and fitting kit

New Solid State Voltage Stabilizer.

This stabilizer is supplied complete with pop rivet and thermal compound in retail packaging.

The parts are protected in transit by a vacuum formed moulding and clamshell exterior.

The stabiliser should be rivetted or bolted to the metal bodywork of the vehicle

Versions for 12V negative earth, with both 10V and 5V and adjuatable output bersions available

Will supply  1A continuous, 2.6 Amps Peak

Thermal and overload protection.

250mm leads 

We supply these stabilisers with either thermal compound and a pop rivet or with a thermal conductive mounting kit


Proper mounting is important to conduct the heat away from the device.


Other similar devices that are in a plastic box will not supply as much current, and may fail due to overheating

The thermal compound or mounting kit conducts the heat produced into the car bodywork preventing too high a temperature.


The voltage in car electrics can vary considerably, from perhaps just under 12 Volts with a low battery and the engine off, up to 14.7 Volts when the sytem is charging.

because of this, the readings on instruments such as temperature and fuel gauges can vary by as much as 20%

Manufacturers often included a voltage stabiliser somwhere near the instrument panel to give a steady voltage for the instruments.


This device will fix erratic gauges caused by a missing or faulty voltage stabilizer. 

Note, The adjustable version uses a different technology and has a black earth lead rather than grounding through the tab. It is supplied with heatshrink which should be applied after adjustment. It can emit noise at 360 khz



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