Morris Minor, MGA Front Indicator / sidelight LED light board fits Lucas L632 (pair) - 801-

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  • LED plate to fit inside the L632 lamp uint
  • Requires OEM or pattern Backplate, lens and gaskets. (all available from eBay)
  • Brighter than original
  • Sidelight is a warm white and a little brighter)
  • Sold in pairs


This LED light insert is unique to us. It fits inside an existing Lucas L632 lamp, but does not use the bulb holders (whichare proce to corrossion)

The circuit board is now 1.6mm aluminium for heat dissipation. and has both the Indicator and Sidelight LEDs mounted on the same board.

The board is fitted with flyleads for connection to the existing wiring.

LEDs are 1 watt each, drawing less power than the original bulbs yet both the sidelight and indicator are significantly brighter.

The completed board is dipped in conformal coating for environmental protection.

All fixings are Stainless Steel and upgraded to Metric threads so no more rust
includes new fixing nuts bolts and large washers that hold the board to the base plate, space the board from the baseplate and fix the the base plate to the front wing.

Earthing is through the additional earthing cable we have included biut this can be fixed behind a mounting bolt if required.

Can be fitted with the Amber lens or without

Very low profile on the back means minimum panel cut-out in new panels

Note, we do not sell the lenses but they are available new from more than one supplier.

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