Tachometer signal conditioner -559-

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An external module to condition the ignition signal on a coil -ve terminal for devices requiring a TTL square wave input.

73mm fixing centres

download installation instructions RVI Conditioner.pdf (466 Kb)


External Module generates fixed pulse square wave from coil -ve terminal

This module generates a signal compatible with data logging equipment, shift lights, rev limiters etc.  that are designed to be triggered from the TTL tacho signal output from an ECU when this is not available.

The module is voltage driven and can be driven from electronic ignition or from the coil -ve

Five conections (by internal screw terminal block)



Signal in

Sink Output   (connects to ground for the duration of the pulse)

Source output  (connects to +10V for the duration of the pulse)


The module is tested on a negative earth system




More information


Note, 1

to cover as many situations as possible there are two options for signal input voltage

to clarify how these are used depending on your set-up

if you have a low voltage output from an ignition module, the low voltage input should be used.
if you are connecting to the -ve of the coil, select the high voltage input 
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