Tachometer Electronics

We manufacture several different kits for moving coil tachometers.

  1. RVI-RVC conversion board - this fits inside the Smiths/Jaeger (also some ford and Volvo) tachometers that have the current triggered movement. This circuit board replaces all the electronics inside the tachometer except the actual moving coil movement. Once fitted the tachometer will trigger from a voltage source such as the coil -ve or electronic ignition. It is adjustable and the tachometer will need calibrating after fitting.
  2. Analogue Tachometer Driver Module - This is the same circuit board as above, but fitted into an external case. Useful for some Volvo tachometers where space inside is limited, but also suitable for virtually any moving coil tachometer with a suitable movement (see the FAQ for details)
  3. RVI buffer - this module converts a voltage signal into a current signal and allows the RVI tachometer to be triggered from the coil negative or from electronic ignition. This module does not affect the calibration of the tachometer and leaves also leaves the tachometer in original spec. It will not cure problems caused by faulty components, but is simpler to fit than the other options.
  4. Tacho Signal Conditioner - This module takes coil -ve or low voltage as input and outputs fixed length pulses as a square wave.
  5. Tachometer signal voltage booster - This module boosts the 5 or 12V square wave from an ECU up to the voltage required by tachometers designed to be triggered by the coil negative.
We also convert Smiths/ Jaeger cable drive tachometers to electronic triggering using donor RVI tachometers.

Our conversions and kits , as well as driving tachometers from conventional (points) ignition systems,

have been extensively tested on and have been approved for use with the following systems





Aldon Automotive

Accuspark Stealth


Until recently we also reccomended the 123 Ignition systems, but the latest version may have some compatability issues which we are investigating.


Our modules have also been fitted to other electronic ignition systems and they have been successfully used with some lumenition systems but they should work on almost all OEM and aftermarket ignition systems.

currently we can not recommend Lumenition ignition systems as we have not been provided with a system to test

(contact us if you have a capacitive discharge system that does not have a "Tacho Out" signal)


More information is available elsewhere on our website as well as in our videos on youtube (linked to from the product pages)


Tachometer Wiring

Tachometer Calibration

when sending items to us for conversion calibration or repair, please see this

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