Turn Signal / Indicator - flash rate corrector- Ballast Resistor.

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Ballast Resistor to correct Indicator Flash Rate

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Turn Signal (indicator) Load Equaliser / Ballast Resistor

LED Indicators draw much less current than standard Indicator bulbs. This can often cause flasher relays to run very slowly, or not at all. Electronic flashers or ECUs incorporating the flasher circuitry may indicate that a bulb has burned out and flash the indicators in an odd pattern to indicate this. ! 

This Equaliser when fitted to the flasher circuit fools the relay or ECU into thinking it has a standard bulb in the flasher circuit. When fitted, the relay or electronic flasher will operate correctly..

For the technically minded, it is a ceramic resistor, 6.8 Ohms 10 Watt. The leads are individually insulated with heatshrink, the wires are doubled back on each other for mechanical strength, and the whole is covered by a second layer of Heatshrink...

Included in the kit are four Quik-Lok connectors, and four cable ties to fix the unit to the frame or bodywork. "

You will need one equaliser per main indicator bulb you are replacing with LEDs, you do not need them when switching out side indicator repeaters!.


Connecting is straightforward...  

  1. connect one end to the wire feeding the indicator bulb..
  2. connect the other end to ground !.


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Price is per pair


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